and there in the wood, the piggy-wig stood…

I’m shopping around today for opportunities in the coming year to travel with my latest flute “The Owl & The Pussycat”.

I haven’t been on the road in almost 20 years and not sure what to expect. Things have changed since the turn of the century. There’s a whole new flock of flutists, social media has sprung into full bloom and I’m not getting any fresher! But I don’t think the world has changed so much, or flutists for that matter. I think it’s me. I used to be much more anxious and unsure (youth will do that to a person) and I carried that with me when I traveled to fairs and festivals with my instruments. But in these intervening years, I published two novels, raised three grandsons, survived stage 3 cancer, served in public office and ran several campaigns along with making scads of flutes for other companies. It’s no wonder I’m not the same.

Neither are my flutes and I don’t think I can share their evolution effectively by staying at home. I don’t know if I’ll be a better salesman than I ever was (I always suck at that), but I can be a better advocate for the art and sound that I express through my flutes. I’m looking forward to meeting new flutists and reconnecting with familiar ones. Unlike bigger makers, I don’t have an array of silver and gold flutes and cases of headjoints to try. Just one flute and 3-4 heads. But they express and reflect me and my years as a maker as well as 10 could.

Stay tuned. I’ll post a calendar when I get some gigs booked.

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