18k Green Gold “Dryad’s Touch” Flute

This is the first in my limited edition Dryad’s series, made in 2008. The barrel lettering is chased, not engraved, into an 18k gold leaf that I curled to look like parchment.

The tone on the green gold is warm, bright and round. I’ve been impressed by it’s depth and variety of colors. The blossom is chasing and repousse, the web simply chased.

We make a number of embouchure styles to suit any type of playing. This green alloy is 75% gold, 25% silver. The flute is a bit heavy so I matched it with a large overcut, straight walled head to really bring out the power of the gold.

The sculpture at the low end is the Dryad, a wood nymph & pixie of the forest. She’s so tiny that you can barely see any of this detail when you look at her on the flute.

The turtle crown really brings the top of the flute to life. It’s hammer raised and chased. He’s trying to crawl out of the headjoint. You can order a crown or glory   for you current flute.

Doesn’t have to be a turtle… 🙂


The posts are cast from real twigs and there are ladybugs and beetles all up and down the flute. Every key and part on this flute is individually made for this instrument alone. Each tone hole is hand wrapped from a strip of gold and detailed like bark…

…and the ribs are hand shaped to wander up the flute and still fit the curve of the body. The leaf touches are hand raised from gold sheet, the veins chased in. The serrated edges and frosting were added after the keys were made.




You can probably tell there are no molds or preformed parts. The arms and twigs are wrapped gold wire. Your left index finger sits in the blossom when you play. I had a lot of fun making this spider’s web. Don’t worry, the spider won’t bite!



The vines are wound and soldered to the mainline tubing before I lightly chased in the bark detail. Since the flute is all one color gold, sometimes the details are hard to see. All this detailing doesn’t interfere with your hand position.


The B foot has a powerful low end that responds easily. The angled cluster feels very comfy under the finger with the slightly rough surface on the key. Every reach and pad opening is accurately set for the best tuning and feel.


With this little D foot, instead of the B, the whole flute is brighter and a bit more open. Of course, you can’t play lower than a D…






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