What job would have if you must choose another?

It always fascinates me how many of us want to do something we’re not doing. We envy a job someone else has, yet don’t (or can’t) pursue it.  I know a many people who say they would love make flutes. Generally, they are flutists and imagine there is something wonderful in the makers world. Among a world of great choices, I wanted to be an astronaut or make movies and write novels. The writing part I can do – becoming successful at it, not so easy.

It turns out that any job worth having is full of grunt work that others don’t see. Each requires a talent that takes time and desire to learn. Flutemaking is endless hours of isolation while hammering and grinding parts. For a writer, you gotta get out there and sell, sell sell. Astronauts are engineers and real rugged individuals all rolled into one.

It’s fun to dream of alternate universes. What would your career be if you chose another?

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