When the silver dust settles

Recently Meredith made the comment that when the silver dust settles on my hair, it makes me look like an old man. Although I do have some grays on my beard, I don’t have much gray hair on my head unless you go looking for it. But her comment made me think, not necessarily about looking old, but when I actually am old how will I feel when the silver dust settles for good on me and on my flute making?
When I decided to make my own flute, I didn’t want it to be like every other handmade flute. I felt a flute could be a work of art, just as beautiful as the music that is made with it. The flute design can tell a story the same way each piece of music tells a story.  I wanted to handcraft each piece of the flute myself so my instruments would have a definitive look and sound to them. And so my journey began.
Today I see the flute as a blank silver canvas, ready for the flutemaker and flute player to work with. The people who play my flutes feel the same way. Each flute is unique just as each player is unique.
So when the silver dust settles and I put down my tools for the last time, how will I feel about where my journey has taken me? I haven’t sold a great number of flutes, but they stand up acoustically and mechanically to any other flute. They will be handed down through generations of flutists. What really makes them stand apart from every other flute in history is the artwork and truly handmade construction. That is my legacy.

2 thoughts on “When the silver dust settles

  1. Hi John, Time marches on, doesn’t it? I am nearly ready to send you pix of my flute and ideas for embellishment. I had hoped to get this to you sooner, but there are so many things happening around here I am easily distracted. So, my ideas, etc. will be coming to your mailbox (snail mail) soon. Many thanks, Pat

    1. Time does flute..I mean fly.. doesn’t it, though! I’ll look forward to getting your ideas, Pat.

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