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The Root Cellar

The Hollow Tree

Shadow in Hawthorn Bay


I write books for children and young teenager. It's work I love. It's work I can't stop myself from doing and I've been doing it for a long time.

Quite a few of my books are historical novels. I get asked by kids all the time if I write about long-ago times because I remember them. I'll admit I'm old --but I'm not that old! I write about people who lived one hundred, sometimes two hundred, years before I was born because I long to go back into the past and know some of those people. So I do it by dreaming my way into their stories and writing about them.

But historical stories aren't all I write. I write short stories, picture books, biographies and I've written a history of Canada with my friend Christopher Moore.

Right now I'm busy working on two projects: a picture book about two lonely boys who meet the first Prime Minister of Canada; and my own family's history for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I'm glad you've come to my webpage. Buzz around the site and you'll find out a lot more about my books, my life, answers to some of the questions I'm asked, links to some of my friends and other books you might like.

There's a special section on the page where I've made several video readings of my stories that you can watch right here on the web! You can see me read while the pictures and backgrounds change to enhance the storytelling. It's great fun.

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