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Double Spell
Duck Cakes For Sale
The Unseen
Larger Than Life
Come To The Fair
The Umbrella Party
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Root Cellar
Shadow in Hawthorn Bay
Amos's Sweater
The Story of Canada
The Hollow Tree


1.  How old are you?

2.  Do you have any hobbies?

3.  Did you ever have another job?

4.  If you werenít a writer, what would you be?

5.  Have you always wanted to be a writer?

6.  When did you start writing?
7.  Why do you write for children?

8.  Where do you get your ideas?

9.  Are you going to write any more stories?

10. Where do you get the titles for your books?

11. How long does it take you to write a book?

12. Where can I buy your books?

Q. How old are you?
A. Old enough to have great-grandchildren.


Q. Do you have any hobbies?
A. Not really, writing is both my hobby and my job. I do read a lot and that might be called a hobby, I like to feed the birds and, in spring and summer, I spend much of my time gardening.


Q. Did you ever have another job?
A. I have been a writer all my adult life but I thought raising five children was my real job while they were growing up.


Q. If you werenít a writer, what would you be?
A. I canít imagine being anything but a writer.


Q. Have you always wanted to be a writer?
A. No. It never occurred to me when I was a child that ordinary people like me could become writers. I was grown up before I thought seriously about writing for publication. However, I have always made up stories.


Q. When did you start writing?
A. I wrote stories for many years and sent them out to magazines - and, for a long time, got them right back again. The day I finally had a story accepted, I was so excited and so sure I was going to be rich, I bought a whole set of Encyclopedias. I didn't publish my first book until I was forty. I never did get rich.


Q. Why do you write for children?
A. That question always surprises me. It's like asking why I like the colour green better than the colour orange. I don't know the answer. I know that my head is full of stories and, when I write them, they always turn out to be for kids.


Q. Where do you get your ideas?
A. Ideas for stories come from everywhere. As a child I lived in the village where Phoebe Olcott lived at the beginning of The Hollow Tree. I used to live in the old farm house that is the setting for The Root Cellar. I could see the point of land where Mary Urquhart had her cabin from my kitchen window Shadow in Hawthorn Bay. The bay behind my former house also figured in the Christmas story, One Hundred Shining Candles. As for Amos's Sweater, I once knew a sheep named Amos who was old and cross and The Umbrella Party is a party I would have loved for myself when I was small because I love umbrellas.


Q. Are you going to write any more stories?
A. I hope so. I am working on a story about the first Prime Minister of Canada for kids as well as my own personal family history.


Q. Where do you get the titles for your books?
A. Usually by trying out a great many before I find the one I want. Only once, has a title come to me easily and that was Amosís Sweater.


Q. How long does it take you to write a book?
A. It takes about two years to write a picture-book story and much longer to write a novel, anywhere between two and five years. With historical novels, some of that time is spent researching, some travelling to places where the stories are set. And I re-write stories seven, eight, sometimes nine times. Itís a long, slow process.


Q: Where can I buy your books?
A: My books are available at your local bookstores and at the big chains.

If you want to shop ONLINE try:
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You could find an INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES near you by searching at:
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