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The Mariner's Curse  Mariner's Curse in Czech. Translation by Albatros Books   Meet the characters aboard The Sea Lion
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What's the story all about?
What's the skinny?

Suspenseful and even slightly frightening, this is a story which brings together the myths of the sea, the stories of famous ship wrecks, and the sufferings of a guilt-ridden heart. We watch as Rory struggles to put together the pieces of this peculiar and ultimately deadly puzzle. With great skill the author feeds us clues about the fearful "Morgan." We are drawn into this powerful tale and find ourselves hoping desperately that Rory finds the answers before he and everyone of the ship are wiped out by some malevolent force. Powerful and sometimes painful, this is a wonderful book for those interested in the sea and its mysteries.


and so the story starts...
Chapter 1: Rory meets a strange old man

Is it too late for Rory to escape from the demon?
Chapter 13: Under the spell of the Curse

Greta and the gang have problems of their own...
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People tell me that boys who don't normally like to read really gobble this book up.