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The Really Funny Pages: Newspaper Comics in the Peanuts Era.
This book celebrates the rise in popularity of the humor strip since Charles Schulz started Peanutsand Mort Walker began Beetle Bailey, both in 1950 and ended with Schulz' death in 2001. It follows the influence of their work on the future of the comic strip art form and the business.
By using hundreds of examples from comic strips through the past 50 years, (such as Garfield, Doonesbury, Cathy, The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, among many others) The Really Funny Pages illustrates how the style and wit of Peanuts influenced them all. By the end of the century, the humor strip came to dominate the daily funnies, squeezing out the popular serials and adventures that had filled the page in the first half of the 1900s.

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Magic Carpet Ride
This drama feature screenplay takes place in the 1970's Boston during the time when drugs were changing from being the free spirit substance of the 60's and a part of serious business in the 70's. Based on a true story, Magic Carpet Ride takes us on the road to ruin of a young man caught in the middle.

America's Smartest Couple
This feature screenplay is a comedy about a 31 year old guy that won't grow up who teams up with a teenage girl that refuses to be a kid. The two of them become contestants together on a national quiz show called ‘America's Smartest Couple.'

The Identity Thief
A murder mystery script involving a woman who is robbed of her identity and has to use the thief's own tools to get her life back.

Ding Ho
A sitcom pilot that takes place in a comedy club.

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