Sterling silver B or C foot flute includes choice of options, headjoint, original Lunn mechanical designs and art work  ~ $ 13,900.00

Offset or inline G keys
Open hole (french cups) or cover key
Pitch: A440, A442, A444
C#trill, Split E.
B or C foot

Prices for gold and platinum, custom designed special keys, without a headjoint or combination gold/silver flutes are all available on request.

Sterling Silver Tube/sterling Silver Embouchure ~ $ 1,950
Sterling Silver Tube/sterling Silver Lip Plate with 14k Rose Gold Riser ~ $ 2,570
Sterling Silver Tube/14k Rose Gold Embouchure ~ $ 3,390
14k White or Rose Gold Tube/14k Rose Gold Embouchure ~ $ 6,850

Describe some of your favorite stories, art designs or any specific art style you’d like on your flute.

CUSTOM CHASING (on other than Lunn flutes)
Design pricing is difficult before knowing how much detail you want. Kind of like pricing a tattoo without knowing if it’s one shoulder, an arm or complete body art. I’ve gone from decorating with a couple of silver leaves and vines to chasing whole flutes top to bottom with stories and abstract designs.

To order custom work, describe what you have in mind or some of your favorite stories, art designs and any specific art style you’d like to see on your flute. I’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as I can.

The basic price starts at $100 per key.

To order a Lunn flute, TAP HERE and complete the order form.

Fill out this request with your questions about flutes, headjoints and custom designs.